Back in April this press release hit the genealogical and local history arena. Every major town in England and Wales now has an historical map on-line, free of charge. Fantastic news.

Untitled pictureA quick search for Walnut Tree Close within the search frame was done. It showed this map, which I have appropriated so that I can pretty much pin point the location that was my childhood home, and that of my late Mum and my Grandparents. Effectively a family connection from 1912 – 1996. It is this connection, and in the case of my Grandmother a connection that started in 1912 at her birth until her death in 1995, a total of 83 years. I would say beat that, but perhaps someone can!

The map shown here is the Ordnance Survey Map 1945 – 1947. This shows the location of the road within the town, neatly sandwiched between the River Wey and the railway.  Although this excerpt shows current landmarks, for example the Odeon (cinema) which was never in that location and has only been there in the last twenty years. The Crown Court was built there in the 1980’s and I watched the building of the building from the other side of the river. The land it was built on was in fact the old laundry, located not surprisingly in Laundry Road. It was at the laundry that my Grandmother contributed to the war effort from about 1940.

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