Society for One-Place Studies

For a very long time I have felt that there should be a more formal structure for those who are engaged in a One-Place Study to have a formal group. I was delighted when in the Spring of this year I was approached by a fellow genealogist and asked if I would be interested in working with a few others to create a Society based upon, and incorporating a free listing site that had already existed.

That was in March and in September, after many months of hard work we launched the Society. We are now just 3 months old and already have been joined by others working on studies. The studies are across the globe and so are our members. Some members are living outside their study area which adds an additional dimension to the study.

Last month we started a monthly Google hangout. This enables members (and non members) across the globe to interact and get involved. Not just in the Society, but also the concept and the delivery of a One-Place Study.

The December hangout discussion was Choosing your Place – It was a very interesting and useful discussion and I think it is fair to say we all came away with other ideas to create, or enhance our studies.

The Society for One-Name Studies has a website where you can see details of registered studies (you do not have to have an established study to join) and how to join the Society.

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