Walnut Tree Close (Guildford) Community Archive – Getting Started.

I finally got the structure for the study on-line organised. Whilst that appears a reasonably small task. I am fairly fussy and like things “just so”, which meant that the location of the on-line material was important as was the structure.

The material is going to be steadily placed on-line at the website over the course of 2014. It was back in 1984 when I first captured a snippet of details about the road, and of course I had no idea back then, that thirty years later I would still be researching the location. That hopefully gives you an idea of how much data I have to process to place on-line. It will not be a quick job and that is why the blog will be useful, you will at least know I am still here and not buried under a pile of papers!

What will be shared here will be snippets of information – both historical and current and other bits of news and relevant details about the road, the wider area of Guildford and about One-Place Studies and or history in general.

What is to many Guildfordians quite simply a road;  a means to an end – linking central Guildford and the railway station to the A3, for some, both currently and historically it was their home and for some a work location.

Of course, Walnut Tree Close was not always the heavily traffic driven location it is today. At one time it was simply the location of a series of workers cottages in a fairly central location, sandwiched between the River Wey and the railway. At the end of Walnut Tree Close now is the bypass and links to the A3, but there once was a meadow, with grazing cows and bluebells.

Whilst the same place, it was a very different time and that is the point of the study. To capture the details, no matter how small, of the people, the social conditions and their homes before those details are lost forever.

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